Manufacturer: Impulse
Type: Oriëntal


Specifications :
L x W x H  :  275 x 95 x 120 cm
Weight  :  2.150 kg
Tank capacity  :  230 litres (8 to 10 days continuous operation)
Motor  :  Hatz 1D81 Z, electric starter and equipped with hour meter and oil pressure protective device
Standard accessories  : 
  • Forklift channels under base
  • Central lifting eye
  • Connections suction and discharge (system Cardan of Bauer on request)
  • Oil retap pump for dieselengine and pump gearbox
  • Safety starting handle, for manual start of dieselengine
  • Galvanized protection bars on long side of canopy

Casing is characterised by the placement of the engine behind the pump.
Casing composed entirely of galvanized plate material and erected upon a completely sunken base with a fuel tank beneath it. Subframe placed on vibration dampers in the base upon which the pump and diesel drive are erected. Engine placed on motor foundation flange behind the pump. V-belt tension with push and pull function. Exhaust and hot air discharge damper integrated in rear panel of the casing.
Engine equipped with electrical starter unit and safety hand crank so that in case of calamity the engine can also be started manually. In addition the engine configuration is equipped with separate fuel filter with water separator, hour meter, mechanical oil pressure protective device, extra large oilpan (for continuous operation) and hot air discharge tunnel. When the engine stops, warning signal in the form of a buzzer to remind the operator to unplug the device.
Casing has 4 hinged doors, 3 of these equipped with spagnolet closure. Door on flywheel side of pump can be closed using two M 10 bolts (as per safety regulations). Door panels equipped with noise muffling insulation finished with perforated protective plate.
Entire casing coated both internally and externally with a zinc primer and coated internally in grey RAL 7010. External coating in single RAL industrial colour of choice.
Noise level casing when in operation 49 dB at 10 metres.

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